• Chris Tuck
      • Transitioning to Civilian Life

        Most individuals I knew exiting the military had a set plan in mind to either work full time, or go to school full time. I knew I wanted to continue my education but was uncertain in what direction I ultimately...

      • Susan Monks
      • Traveling through the Professional MBA

        As a business professional who travels 40% of the time is an MBA even possible? Do I have any other options besides an online program? If I do have options, how will I actively contribute to groups...

      • Tim Walker
      • The Benefits of the Professional MBA

        There are many things to consider when looking at an MBA program: When are classes? How long will it take to complete the program? Is an MBA right for me? All of these questions and many more...

      • Jordan Owens
      • Life Lessons: Balancing Time

        One of the most feared aspects about embarking on an MBA program, regardless of the type, is understanding how to balance the significant pulls that one maintains on their time. Between personal, work...

      • Daniel Roseman
      • Military and MBA: A Balance

        I began the Virginia Tech Professional MBA program in August 2011. While at the time, I had five years’ experience as an Officer in the Navy, I knew I had to take steps to advance my education.

      • Emily Jones
      • The Business of Healthcare

        Healthcare is one industry that is ever evolving. While some goals and priorities remain the same, such as providing quality, patient-centered care, other priorities are constantly evolving...

      • Shane Danaher
      • MBAs Changing the Bottom Line

        The start-up life requires you to navigate the ins and outs of business from day one. When you join a start-up, just as it’s getting underway, you enjoy the idea of being one of the original people...

      • Tricia Smith
      • An MBA in Higher Education?

        After four years in my first mid-level position I started to get that itch. I was feeling pretty accomplished in my role as an Assistant Director. I knew with certainty that I was having...

      • Jim Belfield
      • It’s the Journey, not the Destination

        Geometrically, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That logic does not apply to an MBA. You won’t magically get promoted or hired or make partner...

      • Joe Street
      • Five Year Recap: A Look Back

        When I started the PMBA program in August 2007 I was working as a Senior Programmer Analyst for the Virginia Department of Forestry. During the two year program...

      • Lisa Onesti
      • Working Full-Time and the PMBA Program

        Back in early 2006, I began looking for an MBA program that would work for me. I was already eight years into my career and had been financially independent for even longer.