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Professional MBA

Once-per-month class weekends mean you can earn an MBA in 24 months while managing a full-time job, family, and other priorities


      • Lisa Onesti
      • Working Full-Time and the PMBA Program

        Back in early 2006, I began looking for an MBA program that would work for me. I was already eight years into my career and had been financially independent for even longer.

      • Joe Street
      • Five Year Recap: A Look Back

        When I started the PMBA program in August 2007 I was working as a Senior Programmer Analyst for the Virginia Department of Forestry. During the two year program...

      • Jim Belfield
      • It’s the Journey, not the Destination

        Geometrically, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That logic does not apply to an MBA. You won’t magically get promoted or hired or make partner...

      • Tricia Smith
      • An MBA in Higher Education?

        After four years in my first mid-level position I started to get that itch. I was feeling pretty accomplished in my role as an Assistant Director. I knew with certainty that I was having...

      • Shane Danaher
      • MBAs Changing the Bottom Line

        The start-up life requires you to navigate the ins and outs of business from day one. When you join a start-up, just as it’s getting underway, you enjoy the idea of being one of the original people...

      • Emily Jones
      • The Business of Healthcare

        Healthcare is one industry that is ever evolving. While some goals and priorities remain the same, such as providing quality, patient-centered care, other priorities are constantly evolving...